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Ben Ferney

Ben Ferney rides all year, regardless of how cold, to improve his skiing. He is always willing to help, in all realms of the sport. Ben is one of the nicest hydrofoilers around and one of the best representatives of the sport! Ben has skyrocketed in the last few years at Nationals, in the big air level with 50+ frame handle pass wake mobes! He dedicates his time and promotes the sport as a USHA director and competition committee member.


MJ Pohl

As always she is at the top of the female standings and is willing to offer time and assistance to help promote the sport and others. She always goes the extra mile to help and encourage. If it were not for MJ always stepping it up, working hard on mobes and front flip combos, most of the women out there would not push themselves to do better. There simply isn't a more devoted woman in this sport. MJ's top notch riding skills are only surpassed by her involvment in making the sport better. Judging, coaching, and USHA board work as well as the great work on the USHA Hall of Fame display case!


Cayce Chismar

Pushing herself to improve her riding and learn new tricks, Cayce placed 2nd in USHA Nationals Advanced division and placed 2nd in Spring Fling in Jacksonville, FL. Cayce pushes many of the female and male riders to improve their skills, or else get beaten by a teenage girl. She has so much potential in this sport as she continues to progress like a rock star! Cayce is humble and kind, and is very active in the foiling community by attending all competitions, starting a hydrofoil club at a Florida college, and getting other younger riders interested. Many see this young lady as the future of hydrofoiling!


Bryan Schumacher

Schumacher is a dedicated individual who works hard to advance the sport of
hydrofoiling through development of new gear such as wings and boards
through Xtreme Foils. His never-ending support of hydrofoiling extends from
products and his Extreme Foil team to maintaining foilforum.com. Bryan
gives his time for the entire hydrofoil community as a USHA board member,
scoring system implementer, and competitor. Bryan has continued to improve
his riding and is always willing to help out a new rider or more experienced
riders who want to get better.


Southeast Hydrofoil Club

Started two very successful tournaments -- the only tournaments outside of Nationals. This club comes together to welcome skiers from all of the U.S. Hosting people in their homes, taking them out to ski, putting on the Last Fling and Spring Flings. No other club comes together like this group welcoming all genders and ages. It would be an honor to be a part of such a great team! Eric Vyborny and Brad Schmidt have done an amazing job pulling together the JAX tournaments - well organized and fun. The Fling events are just awesome! Everyone is so hospitable.
Members of this club are always taking new people out and introducing them to the sport of foiling and have added many foils to the foiling community for their efforts. There are 2 huge supporters to this club that are very selfless in getting new people out on the water -- Will Williamson and Brad Schmidt, without these guys out on the water promoting the sport and club, the SEHC would not be able to host the events we do. The club overall, I believe, does a lot to promote the sport of hydrofoiling other just putting on events.


Benton Travis

Wake BNC / BNC / KGB - great work!


Alison Goin

Went from no inverts to several consistent inverts, and even a 360 in one year. 2 years ago - she was in Novice - now with 6 inverts and a 360 that is dead-on better than 75% of the time. Working on Fronts, offside air rolls and front rolls - not to mention off-side fronts - massive improvement in a short time. Great lady! No denying it!


Cayce Chismar

She is one to watch! Cayce has stepped it up the past 3 years and took 2nd place at Nationals in Advanced this year. It will not be surprising to see her move up to Open next year. Cayce has the vision to put hydrofoiling on the map through the college water ski team she was accepted to. Cayce, without a doubt, is a rising star! Pushing herself to improve her riding and learn new tricks. She also pushed many of the men riders to improve their skills or else get beat by a teenage girl.


Todd Goin

Kept Nationals goin' -- spent incredible hours to pull off another successful tournament. Todd continues to be a great rep of hydrofoiling, even without actually doing it. He is a moderator on foilforum, takes people out on his boat to learn the sport or to improve in the sport. He also continues to do what needs to be done to keep up his safety coordinator status and trained driver status. His dedication is greatly appreciated! Todd doesn't ride, but is always there helping out. His dedication shows as an event organizer, boat driver, etc., etc., etc. This guy does everything for the foiling community, from supporting his wife and family on the water, to hosting Nationals. Thanks Todd!


Bill Von Zabern

“Iron Man of Hydrofoiling”
On November 3, 2008, Bill von Zabern of on Canyon Lake, California, set a new world record by performing 3,058 consecutive flips on a hydrofoil water-ski in one continuous ski run of 6 hours and 26 minutes. He rode 56 laps around Canyon Lake for a total of 126 miles. The previous record held for flips on a hydrofoil was 1,416, set by Geno Yauchler. Just a few months after, Bill passed away January 3rd, 2009. Bill will be remembered for his tremendous athletic ability and dedication to the sport of hydrofoiling.


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