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Cailey Deshazo (Graf)

My name is Cailey, I'm only 8. I've been skyskiing for 2 years. I am in the 3rd grade. A lot of my friends think I am crazy to be foiling. I also love hydrofoiling because you can do a lot of different tricks. My other favorite thing to do is gymnastics. I can do a back handspring on the ground!

Competing Since: May 2008 Sponsor: My Mom
Favorite Trick: Jump Ski Club: Team Texas
Future Goals: To be able to do a back flip Favorite Rider: Todd Kyser, Geof Kohler, Ernie Graf (Grandpa), Vickie Graf (Mommy)
USHA Events: Texas Fly-in, Louisana Fly-in, Florida Fly-in, Lake Lavon Tournament Past Accomplishments: jumping, touching the board, touching the seat, falling

What got you hooked/interested in foiling? When I saw my grandpa do it, and then my mom. Then I started because I thought it was cool. I learned a lot of new tricks throughout the 2 years, that is why I love to hydrofoil.

Why Join USHA? Because they have exciting events. You get to compete, even the kids. When you see other people ski, you will really want to do it too.

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