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Torey Narrans

I’m 18 years old out of Denver, Colorado. It a tough riding scene out here since I can only ride half of the year. I have been riding since I was 8 years old. My dad was the biggest influence on me, and he is the one responsible for getting me involved in this awesome sport. I also have lots of support from the rest of my family. My older brother Tyler is coming up in the sport, and my younger brother Tanner is ranked the number one junior riding division. I love to ride at Lake Powell. We go there every summer and tear it up trying new tricks, and just having an awesome time.

Competing Since: Worlds in California at age 10. Sponsor: SkySki is a big sponsor that has helped me progress in the sport. Supreme Boats has helped so much this season. H20 Clothing has been there for all the competitions.
Favorite Trick: I have always wanted to learn the Glide, because I love the way it looks. Ski Club: Rocky Mountain Hydrofoil Club
Future Goals: I hope to be able to compete in the PRO class this year at Nationals, hopefully in the top four. Favorite Rider: Jake Bradley because he always goes big and he promotes the sport
USHA Events: 2007, 2008 and 2009 USHA Nationals. Past Accomplishments: 2007 Junior Athlete of the Year. I am proud to say I won the OPEN division in the 2007 USHA Nationals, and I placed 5th in the 2008 PRO division at Nationals.

What got you hooked/interested in foiling? Definitely the big air. Riding the hydrofoil allows you to get so much more air than any other watersport, and every year there is a new trick that comes out so you can always have something new to work on.

Why Join USHA? USHA has done so much for the sport to promote it and put on these events every year. By joining you are helping out the hydrofoil community and you get to be a part of all they do.

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